It's not weird.

It's deer season.

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You need to calm down.

Isn't that curious?

Tharen wanted us to investigate the murder of his wife.

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Horst should be notified as soon as possible.

Idir is reading a Tamazight book.

Do you have a lighter?


Cycling groups lobbied for smooth roads to be laid down all over the country.

Anton said he'd look at it.

Someone tried to poison us.


Now, what do you want me to do?

I said I'd buy you a drink, so here.

I think that this book is too girly for my taste.

He is without doubt one of the most successful businessmen in Japan.

It doesn't exist in nature.

Give them a call.

What is your store like?

Does Todd know anything about that?

Claudia tossed Gordon a rifle.

Hey! This is not the right place. You should contact the actual national coach for information regarding this.

Kate always sleeps through her alarm. Speaking of which, have you seen her yet today?

We're going to need you here.

She is always trying to find happiness.

I only just left Dewey.

Do you want my honest opinion?


Knudsen might be tired.

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Having failed twice yesterday, he doesn't want to try again.

Your screams frightened me.

Tolerant is wearing a T-back.


She's better than us.


The salts of sulfuric acid are called sulfates.

Hienz is a great kid.

I don't understand much about it.

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I need my pills.

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I saw her jump into the pool.

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What I want to know are the facts.

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Mats couldn't stand it anymore.

It's really unbelievable, isn't it?

I swear to God I didn't do anything.

We have to turn in reports on Monday.

We need to have a serious discussion.


Why does everybody think that?


This restaurant is less expensive.

I want to be with Devon.

You should not try to force your ideas on others.

Do you know French?

Gerard likes to sing in the shower.

I like curry and rice.

I'll be a few more minutes.


Do you like pears?

How weird!

I do not mind.


I'm beginning to understand.

Can you really tell the future?

It's getting late. I gotta go.

You need to be firm.

Please take your time before deciding what to do.


Why didn't you tell me the truth?

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Visitors were few at the museum.

She doesn't want anyone to know.

You can't do this anymore.

Beth's father discussed with her how strongly he expects her to be quiet.

That really is a good replica.

Sir, these checks are fake.

I'll pay you back with my calculus notes.

I'm really surprised Julianto's not here.

Compared with the level of a year ago, the price is sharply lower.


Ariel should've listened to you.

She's right behind me.

Why shouldn't we take everything?

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In which house did you live previously?

Jorge was the first paramedic on the scene of the accident.

There's someone behind us.

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I asked Sanjeev where he had been.

Jenine is my copilot.

Their muscles are stiff.


My grandparents enjoy playing croquet.

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Raghu ought to have been a cop.

A child should honor and respect his parents at every age.

I just want to know one thing.


Which rose do you see?

Boyce pushed Boyce off the diving board.

Patrice just sat around and did nothing.

You should come work for me.

This is the meeting room but there are almost no meetings held here.


That's what my mom said.

Rajesh told Donnie a story.

You should have a doctor take a look at it.

Oh, the train is being delayed.

I already took two coffees.

Silence is true wisdom's best reply.

Joe and Caroline got up at 6 a.m.


An epicanthal fold, as is found among many peoples of East Asia, can be surgically removed. The reverse procedure is not possible.

A "modifier" has, just as it sounds, the role of embellishing sentences.

Maybe that would work.


Tandy tried to persuade Soohong to go.

Geoffrey laid the racket on the ground.

Can't you do anything to stop them?

Stacey didn't want just any car. He wanted his grandfather's car.

Someone screamed.

Mom applied the plaster to the cut.

It's a horse.

You are deceiving yourself.

It is strange for him to be absent from school.

You must keep your eyes open.

Where can I download action movies for free?

Let me give you some examples.

I found out that he was a pimp.

Moringa leaves have a lot of health benefits.

We're not as young as Johnny.

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That's just plain wrong.


I feel tired.

She is very much like her mother.

The news of his son's death was a great shock.


Isn't it incredible?


I can follow the rules.

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It's not wrong, but it's rarely written like that.

Grant, from now on, leave the cooking to Swamy! He has more experience than you.

To what man was he probably sailing?

Fritz is sleeping on the couch in the living room.

Everyone is entitled to his own opinion.

Will you buy me some bread, please?

We have a school holiday tomorrow.

No one caught on to the joke.

At a very early age, Mae developed interests in anthropology, archaeology, and astronomy that she pursued throughout her childhood.

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Ania is a lovely girl.


For a pillow like this all men do yearn but that - quite frankly - is not my concern.

I feel safe with Will.

What was that noise?

No girl dares approach him.

Paula took some cash out of his pocket.

A study has proved, that eating too fast increases your chance for obesity.

He is a good fellow, to be sure, but he isn't reliable.

She has been asked to sit on the committee.

There's nothing like digging up money, it's good fun.


It is said that his new novel is based on his own experiences.


Students have been protesting against the government's decision.

I would've helped you if you had asked.

I like the child all the better for his mischief.


Hugh needs a change of scenery.

Graham Greene is my favorite author.

Twenty people attended the party.

It meant nothing.

Harv said you might be coming by.

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I hope it was worth it.

She buys few clothes here.

I suggested him good deal but he refuse.


Mother was very busy most of the time.

This is a terrible deal.

It was obvious that they had lied.

Amanda stood quietly.

We are happy because there are many cars here.

This site is ideal for our house.

If you're asked what is, say, thirty-three by eleven, you still don't know what they meant: multiply or divide?

He quoted a passage from the Bible.

I beg your pardon?

Hamlet probably didn't want to get married. There was only one Hamlet, however there are many people like him.

Dr. Pepperberg and her colleagues have found that Alex, an African grey parrot, can count up to 8.

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He crossed her old telephone number off.